Blue Bird Crockery Glazed Stoneware Structural Art Cuff


Merriam-Webster definition of crockery is:  pots or jars make of baked clay used for cooking.

I remember my mom and grandma using crocks, some with lids to soak cucumbers in a vinegar brine to make pickles.  Yum!


This tiny crock has a blue bird on the grey-ish glazed stoneware; perhaps it was a salesman sample or a toothpick holder?  In any case, I have been careful to not damage it just in case, down the road, it turns out to be worth a million dollars!

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There are all kinds of vintage buttons on this Blue Bird Crock Cuff Bracelet.  These include mother of pearl, abalone shell butterfly charm, slices of dyed nut and retro rhinestone jewelry.  You will also find a double wish bone pin and hoop earrings.  They are all in shades of blue, slate gray, taupe and silver tones.  Oh yeah, there are my signature vintage marble and something that dangles.

The bracelet was built on a 2 ½” brass cuff which rises 2”. The overall dimensions are 3 ½” x 3 ¼” x 2 ¼”.  Has a nice, easy-to-wear balance and the color theme makes it work with anything in your closet!  See more of my Couture Cuff Bracelets!

BTW, you may have heard of the "Blue Bird of Happiness", so I did a bit of research for that expression and found it pretty interesting:

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"The iconic 'bluebird of happiness' can be traced back to at least 1908 when it appeared in a Nobel Prize-winning play. 'The Blue Bird.' A popular American song of 1934, 'Bluebird of Happiness' by Sandor Harmati and Edward Heyman, was recorded twice by Jan Peerce and also by Art Mooney and His Orchestra. - Sep 24, 2018 Bluebird of Happiness Day."


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