Bisque China Custom Cake Topper


This bisque china formerly was the lid to a trinket box is molded with flowers, and now repurposed into a mixed media structural piece that would make a great keepsake after the cake is long gone.


I have added a vintage rhinestone and faux pearl heart shaped pin, as well as a soft plastic double swirl earring, a sundry of faux pearls.  Look for my signature vintage marble and the “moving item” is the mesh spring bracelet that creates the halo over the whole thing.


It measures 3.75 x 3.25 inches.  As it is, it could be used for a wedding, anniversary, first communion or a component could be added to personalize it for YOUR celebration.

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Bisque China Custom Art

If you have an object or piece of memorabilia that is gathering dust or moldering in a draw (doesn’t everyone?) I can give it a new life by incorporating it/them into something you can wear, decorate your wall, or display proudly.  When someone comments about it, you’ll have another opportunity share your memory.

Contact me and we’ll discuss practical details like size, color preferences, age of components to use… well, I have a whole checklist that I use to make sure we create something you will treasure.

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