Mexican Pottery Art Cuff – Bird in the Bush


A rather organic shape of clay bird from Mexico that could be interpreted to represent a variety of critters depending on how it was painted… in this case it is bird (but I could see a frog, a cat, a dog, a fish!)


It sits amongst sticks of beads in a huge variety rising around the bird to look like grasses and bushes – as though it is outdoors in its natural habitat.

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Mexican Pottery Art Cuff

This lovely Mexican Pottery Art Cuff is a definite conversation starter!  I have placed it on a 2” wide brass cuff inside a black enameled bangle.  Thus makes the platform width 3” at top.  Wears like a 2” cuff, but with impact of a 3” x 2 ¼” centerpiece.

Look for a boule of cotton, slices of wood and nuts, a cross, buttons and a marble that looks like spherical grasses, too.  I am not sure of the composition of the rose dangle (resin, stone, clay?) but clearly has been purposefully carved to represent a blossom.

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