While I have a tag affixed to my art couture creations, there are other “signatures” that would help to authenticate them even if the tag were not present.

  • I love motion, so each has something that moves on it. Sometimes it is free dangling, other times it is something on the cuff that moves.
  • I collected marbles when I was a kid, so there is at least one on each cuff or necklace – sometimes it’s a peewee, sometimes it’s a shooter, sometimes (more rarely) a boulder.
  • Other common tiny components: an angel, cross, bugs & butterflies, lizard or frog, leaves, flowers, and art glass.
  • Glass caviar paste – micro glass balls mixed with glue to hide what I might consider unsightly, add strength to the construction and add to the beauty of the piece without regard for the extra time it takes.
  • And underside surprises – like the bottom side of a flower petal you might find something else to accent – I could save time by leaving those off, and sometimes do to moderate the price.
  • I construct the bottom edges of the cuff to be flat so that the piece will stand alone, and if worn while writing or keyboarding it will not bang & snag on things.